Safeguarding the Future

Claiming that even normal childhood behavior is a mental disorder and that drugs are the solution, psychiatrists and psychologists have insinuated themselves into positions of authority over children. Through a virtual coup d’etat in our schools, our once strong and effective scholastic-based schools have turned into explosive test tubes.

In 2004, Professor Frank Furedi stated, “If present trends continue, soon there will be little to distinguish school from a mental health institution. If we treat difficult challenges as an experience with which children cannot cope, pupils will pick up the message and regard it with dread. However, if we back off from playing doctor and patient and concentrate on developing children’s strength through creative teaching, then the kids will cope. [S]heltering children from pressure and new experiences represents a lack of faith in their potential to develop through new challenges.

As Eakman also wrote, “Most people today suspect that education is not really about literacy, ‘basics,’ or proficiency at anything. What is less well understood is that there exists in this country, and indeed throughout the industrialized world, what can best be described as an ‘Illiteracy Cartel’ – ostensibly aimed at furthering ‘mental health.’ This cartel derives its power from those who stand to benefit financially and politically from ignorance and educational malpractice; from the frustration, the crime, the joblessness and social chaos that miseducation produces.”

According to the Rutherford Institute, “Parents have a constitutional right to direct and control the upbringing of their children, and laws or governmental actions that unreasonably infringe the rights of parents to raise and educate their children according to their own values are constitutionally suspect.”

Dr. Whitaker offers this advice: “Folks, sometimes feeling irritable, unable to sleep, etc., are hardly indicative of a serious mental malfunction. Feeling

out of sorts from time to time is a normal part of being human. … Think back on your childhood. Remember your experiences. Now ask yourself, would you be better off today if five or six years of your childhood had been spent in a drugged-out state?”

Furthermore, here’s what he advises parents to do: “First of all, refuse to sign those consent forms when they come home from your child’s school – if they can’t test them, they can’t drug them.”

If a child is exhibiting learning and/or behavioral problems, there are many things that can be done besides the exclusive drug- and behavior modification-based options that are the backbone of school-based mental health services today.

Undiagnosed, untreated physical conditions can often manifest as a “psychiatric symptom.” The term “mad as a hatter” derives from the sizeable number of hatters that became “mad” as a result of chronic mercury pollution.” Workers used mercury to prepare felt hats and the mercury fumes ingested produced an organic deterioration resulting eventually in dementia.

Medical doctors have established that mercury poisoning, environmental toxins and allergies can affect behavior and academic performance and can create symptoms similar to “ADHD.”

Gases, cleaning fluids, scents and other chemicals can make a child “irritable, inattentive, spacey, aggressive, depressed or hyperactive.” Dr. L.M.J. Pelsser of the Research Center for Hyperactivity and ADHD in Middelburg, the Netherlands, says 62% of children diagnosed with “ADHD” showed significant improvements in behavior simply by changing their diet. Therefore, take the child to a competent doctor of environmental medicine and have him or her properly tested for allergies and toxins.

Studies show that tutoring leads to improvements in academic outcomes. If a child is not learning, is behind in school, doesn’t enjoy his or her classes or can’t seem to concentrate, a competent tutor should be employed.

Contrary to psychiatric opinion, children are not “experimental animals.” They are human beings who have every right to expect protection, care, love and the chance to reach their full potential in life.

Professor Szasz says that child psychologists and psychiatrists “rob the child of his most important possession, himself. … Thrusting fake intimacy and pretended care on them … is our distinctively modern method of harming children in the name of helping them.

“Child psychology and child psychiatry cannot be reformed. They must be abolished.”


1   You have the right to refuse permission for your child to be subjected to any psychological or psychiatric questionnaire, test or evaluation in school. Ensure you place your child in a school that supports this.

2   If your child has been subjected to psychological/psychiatric screening without your consent, or coercively drugged and harmed, consult a lawyer to determine your right to prosecute criminally and civilly, especially against the authors of the questionnaires and, if psychologists or psychiatrists, against their colleges and associations.

3   Support legislative measures that will protect children from psychiatric and psychological interference and which will remove their destructive influence from schools.

4   Speak out – be your child’s voice. Start or join a parents’ group where parents can speak out about the wrongful labeling and drugging of our children and provide support for each other.

5   Legal protections should be put in place to ensure that psychiatrists and psychologists are prohibited from violating the right of every person to exercise all civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights as recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and in other relevant instruments.

6   Ultimately, psychiatry and psychology must be eliminated from all education systems and their coercive and unworkable methods should never be funded by the State.


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