Welcome to Best Start For Kids.org

Why this name?  Because King County has a levy proposal by this name that has psychiatric components, one of which is to screen all the children in King County for mental illness.

The rub on mental health screening is that it is a conduit for mental health diagnosis and labeling, all without any objective medical test to show that there is anything wrong with the toddler, child, adolescent’s brain.

This is a government plea for early intervention – at great taxpayer expense, about $392 million over 6 years for their whole program.

And they are looking through a psychiatric lens which turns behavior into illness, without any objective medical testing, while saying they are using the latest brain development theories promoting mental health solutions. These solutions are mostly psychotropic drugs (mind altering drugs) that are rather – addictive – as people can’t seem to get off of them or away from them once started. Sounds like addiction.

While this site is not a medical site, we are not doctors or lawyers, we are concerned citizens. Who live in King County.

Let us know your thoughts about psychiatric drugging of toddlers, pregnant mothers, children aged 1-5 and adolescents.

If you have information on how the Best Start For Kids Levy would impact you, let us know


Thank you,

CCHR Seattle


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